sunday school

Bible Studies

We offer several Bible studies throughout the week for adults and children.

Sunday School

Sunday School is offered each Sunday at 10:30 am after the worship service. These classes teach the familiar Bible stories and the fundamentals of the Christian faith in fun and whimslical ways to children. 

Classes begin at the age of 2 with our Parents and Two's class and continue through 12 grade.

Each week the children are engaged with the Scriptures and challenged to grow in their faith and learn to apply it in their daily lives.


Bible Studies

St John's offers several adult Bible class throughout the year and throughout the week.

There is a Thursday morning Bible Class that begins at 10:30 am. Topics range from books of the Bible to practical applications of the Bible to real life situations.

Sunday Mornings provides two Adult Bible Studies. These classes usually concentrate on the books of the Bible, but they may also engage in a topical Bible study or an indepth study of the Lutheran Confessions.