about us


We at St. John's are committed to liturgical, Lutheran worship.  Services are taken from the Lutheran Service Book with an occasional service based upon the theme of the day of the Church Year.  The Divine Service  is often supported by the adult and children's choirs.

Our understanding of worship is summarized by the following statement found in the hymnal Lutheran Worship :

Our Lord speaks and we listen. His Word bestows what it says. Faith that is born from what is heard acknowledges the gifts received with eager thankfulness and praise. Music is drawn into this thankfulness and praise, enlarging and elevating the adoration of God, our gracious giver.

Saying back to Him what He has said to us, we repeat what is most true and sure. Most true and sure is His name, which He put upon us with the water of our Baptism. We are His. This we acknowledge at the beginning of the Divine Service. Where His name is, there is He. 

Before Him we acknowledge that we are sinners, and we plead for forgiveness. His forgiveness is given to us, and we, freed and forgiven, acclaim Him as our great and gracious God as we apply to ourselves the words He has used to make Himself known to us. 

The rhythm of our worship is from Him to us, and then from us back to Him. He gives His gifts, and together we receive and extol them. We build one another up as we speak to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Our Lord gives us His Body to eat and His Blood to drink. Finally His blessing moves us out into our calling, where His gifts have their fruition. How best to do this we may learn from His Word and from the way His Word has prompted His worship through the centuries. We are heirs of an astonishingly rich tradition. Each generation receives from those who went before and, in making that tradition of the Divine Service its own, adds what best may serve in its own day - the living heritage and something new."


What We Believe

We accept the Bible-based teachings of salvation by Grace alone, Scripture alone, Faith alone. 

What Does This Mean?

Grace alone

God loves the people of the world, even though they are sinful, rebel against Him, and do not deserve His love. He sent Jesus Christ, His only-begotten Son, to love the unlovable and save the ungodly.


Faith alone

By His suffering and death as the substitute for all people of all time, Jesus purchased and won forgiveness of sins and eternal life in heaven for all who believe in Him. God creates faith in Christ and gives people forgiveness through Him.


Scripture alone

The Bible is God's inerrant and infallible Word, in which He reveals His Law and His Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. It is the only rule and norm for Christian doctrine.